Del Norte Association of Realtors

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Del Norte Association of Realtors



Our mission is to support Del Norte Realtors and all Del Norte Association of Realtors members to preserve individual property rights, succeed in business, and achieve the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.


Del Norte Association of Realtors is a trusted voice for real estate and an effective business and public policy advocate for its members and the clients we serve.  The Del Norte Association of Realtors will always be the trusted voice by practicing professionalism, leadership, and advocacy.



Provide Education to Del Norte County Realtors at the quarterly general membership board meetings

o Class 1: Masterminds –REO specialists

Becky Watwood

Robin Hartwick

Kurt Stremberg

o Class 2: Masterminds-How to write an offer to get accepted.

Presenters still being contacted for confirmation

o Class 3: Realtor Safety

Local Law Enforcement



To form solid partnerships with local law enforcement to further ensure the safety of our communities, clients and real estate stability in our county.

Continued education to our members on the importance of safety in the Real Estate industry.

To use our connections with our clients to form public neighborhood watch programs with the guidance of local law enforcement and get our citizens more involved in the responsibility of their own safety.

Local Law Enforcement


Economic Development


Strategic Objective: To support economic development is ways that increase home, commercial, and land values.


25 new homes in Del Norte are at least partially powered by an alternative energy source (solar, wind, hydropower)    

o Action Item:  Seek partners and leveraging opportunities with the following groups

Del Norte Chamber of Commerce

Tribal Housing Authorities

Habitat for Humanity

Rotary, Lions, other similar groups

Wild Rivers Foundation

County Fair

o Action Item: Seek local businesses capable of installing the systems

Pacific Power

Northridge Electric

Crescent Electric

Local contractors

Solar power companies

o Action Item: Write articles for the Triplicate summarizing where opportunities exist for the public to convert their homes to solar/wind/hydropower energy

o Action Item:  Interview homeowners with existing systems

o Pull information/lessons learned together and add a strategic plan based on what is learned

o Action Item:  Implement action plan with partners